How ADARA WOMEN is all about celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth


Celebrating International Women’s History Month is crucial for us: our name –ADARA WOMEN– may give you a hint. 

We are moved by women. All of our products are designed to make them feel beautiful, confident and sexy. And everyday we celebrate their achievements, their body, we fight against gender bias and we take action on equality: all our employees –or team mates, as we like to call them– are women. Women of different ages, ethnicities, countries and sizes. All of them beautiful, all of them ADARA.

Carol Betancourt - owner and designer

The empowerment of women is our main goal. And our products are designed to boost it. The best way to create said products and to make sure they’re going to work, is to have them designed and created by women who understand the clients needs, likes and problematics. Behind a lingerie set, a swimsuit or biker is a woman who’s willing to create something that’ll fit the other’s needs just like it’ll fit hers.

Our company is shaped by the work of women, and today –like the rest of the year– we celebrate them. In and out of our brand. We are committed to keep giving the best opportunities, to create an equal work environment, and to listen to the hardworking women that join our family as it grows over time. 

Happy Women’s History Month. 

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